Kerala, India
I like the #hiddengems stories of this

Little known places are my favorite.

Among these, I highly recommend Albania
(I’ve seen a couple of stories about it), I’ve
heard it has become a bit more popular in
the last couple of years, but it’s still
underrated for what it has to offer, in my

Another place I liked with few tourists was
Aleppey, in Kerala.

Here is my story.
Aleppey is a town in Kerala, in the South-
Western coast of India, built on water.
There are few cars here.
People go around mainly by boat or on foot.

There is a 900km network of waterways to
I stayed in a village in the middle of it.
The area is also very green, as you can see.
There’s the water, a few houses, and a lot of
palm trees 🥰
If you’ve never been to India, you should

It’s not super easy to travel, in particular if
you are a solo woman, but it’s safe and I’ve
got great memories from there.

And Aleppey is one of its gems.
Thank you
A small thought: writing these stories
reminds me of how traveling is the best
thing in the world, maybe better even than

And we are very lucky when we can do it.

❤️ travel, photography and my cats From Vicenza, Italy Ig: @tiakatty

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