In March of 2017 I was in Havana Cuba
and I met ksenijia. She was a solo
traveler like myself and we were both
in Havana as photographers. One of my
favorite things about being a solo
traveler is meeting new people
This pic was taken in Havana the day we
met. We were fast friends.
We are going to drive from Toronto to
Nova Scotia. First stop Argyle, New York.
We have a great ABNB booked and ready
for a photo adventure.
In July of 2018 I went to Toronto to see
Ksenijia. It was my first time there.
It’s always nice to travel with a friend that likes to take
pictures as much as I do. It’s pretty much what we do.
A2.5 hour drive for us is about a 5-6
hour journey. We are on our way to
New Hampshire to see old friends of
mine. But! We have to stop for local
markets and hot cars.
Argyle New York to
Peterborough New Hampshire
Peterborough new hamshire
Kennebunkport Maine
We are excited about
oysters, lobsters,
and salty ocean air.
Goochs Beach
, , ,
At this point we have
Realized that we are
not going to make it to
Nova Scotia. It would
require two very long
days of driving and we
are enjoying our
meandering too much.
Ksenijia is a food photographer and we had fun prop
shopping in the antique stores. I loved getting to see my
travel friend in her own environment doing her thing.
The Chamberlane House
Round Pond
We stop for flags, ice cream and what ever
else catches our eye. Thank goodness for
friends that like to shoot as much as I do.
Dairy Frost
I think the Maine
Coastline was my
favorite. We had an
amazing foggy beach
Walk and u can never
get enough oysters.
This is ksenijia’s
first trip to New
I like showing the map
view but click the link
on the next page and
you can see exactly
where we were.
, ,
It is April 1, and I am currently self
isolating in Edwards Colorado. This summer
road trip was about two years ago now, and
I have such high hopes of continuing this
year. My eye is still on Nova Scotia.

As I look back at all of these photos I know
the way in which we travel is probably
going to change a little bit over the next
year or so, but I think toad trips like this
are going to be in our very near future. I
look forward to some good summertime
drives with my friend.

Ksenijia, thanks for being a perfect travel
companion and taking all the pictures with
This to shall pass
Thanks for joining me on one of my
favorite trips.

I take small groups of people on photography excursions. I’ll be hosting 4 trips to Cuba and one trip to India this year.

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