Dharma Treasure Retreat,
Cochise, Arizona
A Refuge for our
Deep in the Cochise Stronghold,
where the Apache made a final
stand, is a magical sanctuary far
from the clatter of the world.
it is a place to connect with Nature, to
find quietude, solace and space.
a tranquil sanctuary with doorways
to  enlightenment

Here you can touch the sky, and
let in your inner light
A space to contemplate and meditate
Wander the healing fields to the hills of
"Why stand on the shifting sands of
certainty when you can stand on the
rock-solid ground of the unknown"
Rockfellow Dome
so many mindful
things to do...
Feed the free-range chickens and enjoy their
freshly laid eggs
Hike the many trails of
the surrounding
dragoon mountains
Take meditative walks
greet the morning sun with Chi Kong
movements, led by Margarita
Join Margarita in a morning salute to the sun
Trade meaningful looks with the neighbors
Fall in love with the rainbow of
Tend the culinary and medicinal herb garden
and then...
Cook up a storm
Find your true balance
sweep away all that bothers or
The retreat sprawls in a mile-high box
canyon in southern Arizona, and is open
year round.
come stay at one of the straw-bale
fully-furnished casitas, with access
to the meditation yurt, gardens,
chickens and an infinity of natural
to book a retreat contact the
Retreat Coordinator at
Retreats@dharmatreasure.org or
call 520-826-4141
2126 West Windancer Trail, Cochise, AZ

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