A view from my bike
A Dutch Autumn
Now I live in the
#Netherlands I cycle to
work each and every day.
Come rain or shine I
commute to work and back
and everything in between.

Cycling not only gives me a
wonderful sense of
freedom, exercise and

It also enables me to see the
world in a whole different

Armed only with my
#Smartphone I tend to
capture what I experience
on the daily route.

This #StellerStory is a
collection of #Autumn
images see on my bike and
my travels around the
The Dutch Landscape is awash with flat
Polders. On days like this, they are quiet
spaces, where nature can thrive.
A typical feature in these parts
is the Windmill.
For a landscape so flat, flooding is rare.
When the autumn rains fall on the
sodden soil it can lead to some
impressive reflections.

These trees give off that reflective sense
Watching the sunrise is a perfect way to
start the day.
Cycling is a way of life!
The warm early morning light and the
radiate glow of colour can be found all
A furry friend takes to the water.
Tree-lined routes are often found all
around. I guess adding protection from
the wind.
The colour on display is eye-catching
and well worth a look.
Thanks for viewing!

All these images are taken
out on my bike and with
my trusty Smartphone.

I snap as I see something
and hope it creates and
captures a moment that
will live in the memory.

During the Autumn
months, the colours are
radiant and impressive at

I hope this gives a short
snapshot of what can be
enjoyed all around.

More images: @garethmate

Written content:

Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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