We took trains and bus to reach
the lake
Ponale Road
The Old Ponale Road was constructed in the
19th century and would become to be one of
the most important arterial roads for a long
time, it connects Riva del Garda and the
Valle di Ledro.
The road was locked since 1990 to make room for
restoration works in the closer area. It is only since
2004 that the road can be used again for bikers and
pedestrians. Because of its long history, the road
flourishes with a historic charm that one can feel from
the first step.
The Ponale Road is famous not only for
the unequalled panorama of the lake but
also for the military installations you can
see along the trail.
When you come to the second and third tunnels
you can see remains of the Tagliata del Ponale,
imposing fortifications built by the Austro-
Hungarians from 1860 onwards which consist of
tunnels excavated into the rock and trenches
which stretch from lake level to the outposts
overlooking the current trail.
Today the Tagliata complex is normally
closed to the public for reasons of safety.
Lake Garda
Eating pizza on the lakeshore
Sat on the lakeshore watching stars and
drinking warm beers
Monte Brione
Mount Brione rises up isolated in the middle of the
alluvial plain of the Sarca, right behind the great
Lake Garda and separates the two towns Riva del
Garda and Torbole.
More than a real “mountain”, it is a limestone relief
with the dimensions of a hill, but its steep and rocky
faces on its eastern side give it the typical
characteristics of a mountain.
From the plain, it rises about 310 meters and its
maximum height is 376 m. ASL.

The naturalistic importance of Mount Brione is
mainly based on its flora, counting an incredible
elevated number of species and besides all species are
present in a relatively small area.
The secret of this natural resource is the position
of Mount Brione, on the Northern boundaries of
the Lake Garda area, where the lake is setting in
its presence bringing a submediterranean climate
that penetrates the southern Prealps.
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a natural paradise”
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