In the summer of 2020 traveling
has changed – and city trips are
amongst the most prominent
Will city trips have a comeback
moment during this pandemic?
This was one of the questions
I asked myself this summer.
We decided to visit Salzburg and see
what it feels like to do a city trip in
these uncertain times!
View from Steinterrasse
One of the reasons was that
we wanted to visit the
Salzburg festival - one of the
only cultural events still
Plus we had planned to test
this boutique design hotel...
The Mozart Hotel
The Mozart Hotel
Choosing a small boutique
hotel in a central location was
one of the key elements for a
relaxed city trip...
, ,
The Mozart Hotel
Another must:
Served breakfast instead of buffets...
There was a bit of an eerie vibe at times...
... but rather because of the weather 😉
Don’t be fooled...
the city wasn’t empty!
... but felt much quieter than during
normal festival season!
I compiled a detailed
Salzburg travel guide
on my blog!
Including where to drink
the best espresso tonic...
... a hidden greenhouse
in Mirabell gardens.
And where to eat this
heavenly truffle pasta!
And of course a detailed walking route
to all the must sees!
My personal take-away
from our city trip to
This year can be seen as a chance to
visit cities that are usually victims of
overtourism - as the pandemic has
alleviated a bit of the tourist pressure.
With the right safety measures you
can enjoy a trip almost like under
„normal“ circumstances.

Photographer & Travel blogger. 🇦🇹 Based in Vienna, Austria ✉️ office@ladyvenom.at ▪️ More photos & stories:

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