July 18, 2020
                   Kananaskis Country
                   Alberta Canada
After a month and a half lost in
shipping, I finally received an used
(although mint) Canon Elan 7 35mm
film camera. I wanted this camera for
a long time now. It would let me use
my Canon EF lenses and reduce the
weight of my backpack when hiking
and shooting both digital and film.

We left Calgary in the morning, and I
wanted to try the secondary roads to
reach the Kananaskis Valley. But a
wrong turn led us back to the
highway, and we ended up losing an
hour, stuck in the traffic piling up
before the town of Canmore.
We eventually reach the gates
of Kananaskis Provincial
Park. The road skirted around
a blue lake on which several
paddleboards slid onto the
waveless waters.

Then started the dusty and
narrow road that was carved
on the mountainside. Endless
lines of parked cars bordered
the small dusty and heavily
trafficked road. There and
there shone blue and red
stripes from the top of the
police cars. Hopeless they
were trying to regulate the
ant alike line of cars.

We climbed further and
further and finally the
frenzy stopped and we drove
on the brown road bordered by
pine trees.
We chose to hike the Red Tower

The path started across the
dusty road from the lake and
disappeared into the trees.

We started confidently,
fastening our pace until the
steep path brought us back to

I cursed when I remember that
the hiking poles were back at
the apartment in Calgary.

Once the woods out of the way,
we started the ascent of a rocky
slope on which boulders and
rocks would slid under our
shoes and sometimes made us
lose balance.
We were getting ready for
lunch - a late lunch - on the
foot of Red Tower Peak. And we
ate with facing the most
beautiful view even though it
came with a price.

A strong wind steadily blew in
our face, which made me lose a
few salad pieces that I made
sure to pack up afterwards.

Leave no traces.
I did try to swim into these green
waves, but the lake - fed by the nearby
glaciers - held freezing water.
It was, however, perfect for our feet
after a five-hour hike.
All photographs featured on
this story were shot on a single
roll of Kodak Ektar 100 - loaded
in a canon Elan 7

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Commercial and lifestyle photographer & filmmaker. Based in Calgary, Alberta. Born and raised in France.

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