The North Coast 500 is one
of the world’s most iconic
coastal touring routes,
where you’ll find white
sand beaches, rugged
mountains and hidden
gems of Scotland.

The North Coast is an
unforgettable experience!
Usually, the North Coast 500 starts
from the nice city of Inverness,
better worldwide known as the
“capital city of the highlands”
Inverness Scotland
Taking this scenic route up
to North you can discover
the best of the Highlands
has to offer, such as magical
Scottish castles...
...or the remote places of
the North Coast, including
the famous John O’Groats
point, known as the
northernmost point of
Great Britain.
Actually, the true northernmost
point of Great Britain is the nearby
Dunnet Head.
Dunnet Head
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Further East, you'll
encounter the wonderful
golden beaches of Durness,
one of the most beautiful
place of the UK.
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At the end of this scenic route,
the Applecross peninsula, with
lot of wild animals, endless
seascape and the most famous
route of Scotland: the Bealach
na Bà, a single track road and
historical mountain pass with
gradients that approach 20%.
Bealach na Bà
The North Coast 500
is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


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