The Gazelli Team
While we can’t be together, we’ve
asked the team to share their days
with us.
x Jamila
Spending time as a family
is the best way to stay
connected - we’re in the
kitchen, getting outdoors
and, sometimes, doing
absolutely nothing at all
except staring into
cupboards with binoculars.
What am I up to? Walking
Stewie, of course! Plus,
really enjoying new cycling
routes and board game
x Alexandra
x Valerija
I’m with my family, eating
traditional foods, tucked
away in a cabin surrounded
by nature and basking in
the fresh air. That doesn’t
mean we haven’t got time
for a little poker, though...
x Vilma
My captured moments
during this lockdown are
mostly just food!
x Sally
Being alone in the village
has been a beautiful gift -
walking in the Garden of
England early in the
morning is my solace and
my muse.
x Ilaria
I’m enjoying the comfort
of rituals - coffee and a
book in the garden in the
morning, followed by long
walks in nature.
x Ilona
I’m following the Gazelli
recipes at home, keto-style
- like this beautiful
asparagus soup.
x Naomi
I’m really enjoying the
same, simple recipe every
morning. Slowly simmered
berries, Greek yoghurt, and
homemade granola.
x Tian
My day? I start with a
morning self moxa (boosts
immunity), am working
through an online health
care course, and I’m
enjoying nourishing food.
x Daisy
I boost my mornings with
some really good
supplements, pause to
enjoy the elegance of my
‘Queen of the Night’ tulips,
and dip into my books for
ten mins before bed for
x Jamila
While we all miss each other (and you!) we hope
perhaps you’ve found some inspiration for your
own day, or want to share with us on DMs. We’re
really looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay
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