The time has come to plan our
summer holidays for 2020.

And with the Corona virus still being a
completely unknown factor chances
are high we might have to stay within
the boundaries of our home country –
in my case Austria 🇦🇹

In my last post I showed you 8 of my
favourite hotels in Austria, now let’s
look at our favourite 7 Austrian regions
to travel to.
Let me say one thing at the beginning:

We are not really big hikers (although
we did finish the 8 day Dachstein hike
last year – yet, barely) 😉

So we are focusing on regions where
you can enjoy, relax at the lake, take
in the scenery, go boating and eat

Of course hiking is an activity you
can pursue almost everywhere in
Austria… so you can always add this to
your itinerary in all of these regions!
Many lakes in Austria are
scenic and idyllic, but not all
of them have the specific
advantages that lake
Weissensee offers. Those that
stick out are: incredibly vast
unspoiled lakeshores, warm
water temperatures and
turquoise water color!.
Weissensee, Carinthia
A region I really love are the
so called “Lienzer Dolomites”.
This mountain range is a bit
further away from Vienna,
hence they are more
secluded and less overrun
than other parts of the
Austrian alps.
East Tyrol
Lienzer Dolomiten
This vast alp at 1650m above
sea levels is easy to reach
from Vienna and invites for
easy walks picking wild
flowers and just listening to
the cow bells. The alp has a
dozen or so cabins and
lodges to rent and feels like
straight out of an Austrian
Most Viennese only know the
Semmering area as their
beloved skiing resort. But just
a few decades ago it used to
be the most cherished
summer city heat escape.
This bygone area is now
slowly returning – and with it
the former glory of many
forgotten Art Nouveau
Image credit: St. Martins Spa & Lodge
Image credit: St. Martins Spa & Lodge
At the reeded banks of this
plains lake lie some of the
most cherished summer sun
& watersport locations of
Vienna’s population. But for
me there’s one very special
reason to travel there this
summer: Going on safari in
Lake Neusiedl
There’s only one hotel right
at the shores of the lake
„Vorderer Gosausee“ and
sleeping here is a true escape
from the busy city days. You
can’t wake up to a better
view than here!
This region is a bit off the
beaten path for Viennese
people, but oh so worth the
trip! There are of course also
ample hiking options, but
what strikes us the most in
this region is the
combination of architectural
heritage & innovation.
Bregenz Forest
Check out the full post with
all our tips for each region!

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