Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini
S.p.A., known as Lamborghini, is a brand and
manufacturer of sports cars and based in
Sant’Agata Bolognese, in Northern Italy.
Sant'Agata Bolognese
The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio (Italian
for Third Millennium)  is a futuristic
electric concept car.
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It’s a concept car introduced by Italian
automobile manufacturer Lamborghini and
developed in collaboration with the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
The car still inherits the modern Lamborghini design, with the
Y-shaped design elements such as the headlights and taillights,
along with the triangular front trunk and rear engine bay.

Carbon fibre is used entirely for the body panels, containing
nano-tubes that can repair themselves if the factory-fitted
sensors detect any small cracks and dents in the panels.  The
body of the car is monitored by a health system.
Design & Body
• Energy,
• Innovation in Materials,
• Powertrain & Vehicle Architecture,
• Sound & Emotion.
Terzo Millennio develops through 4 pillars:
The four pillars of Terzo Millenio
The sports car of the future uses electricity instead
of gasoline. Electric systems generate high efficiency
and offer several interesting characteristics like the
possibility to recover kinetic energy and to deliver
huge peaks of power.
Innovation in materials
Lamborghini aims to reduce weight and to increase the
availability of electric energy using structural electric
energy storing composites as a rechargeable battery. The
target is to improve the nanomaterial technology, diffusing
nano-charges in CFK-based panels able to store electric
energy and in the meantime to form the body and
structures of the car.
The challenge to be faced here is to develop a technology
suitable to increase the power density of the in–wheel
electric motor to the level a 4WD super sports car
deserves, keeping the weight of the unsuspended masses
under control. The opportunities in terms of weight,
aerodynamics and design are so huge that it worth
investigating for feasibility of further development.
Powertrain and Vehicle Architecture
Sound & Emotion
The adoption of an electric power train requires to
define a sound able to substitute the one of today’s V12.

The visionary design is the expression of a brand new
aerodynamics and architecture. Every detail is
designed to make the flow of the wind stream perfect.
It is the first product of a three-year, £100,000,000
partnership among the two institutions.
The Terzo Millennio was unveiled in November
2017 at the EmTech conference in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, United States
The supercar is used for special assignments such
as the urgent transport of blood and organs, but
when its not required for ultra-quick deliveries, it
patrol the highways surrounding the Italian city
of Bologna, according to the manufacturer. Its
specialty, unsurprisingly, will be chasing down
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