A positive look back at
Since joining @Steller, I've
posted an annual
year-in-review style story.

Just because the year didn't go
according to plan, I didn't
want to break that tradition.

Despite the global pandemic;
nearly all my work being
cancelled not just once, but
twice; and the challenge of
new (and essential) health
restrictions, I managed to
squeeze in plenty of
adventures both abroad
(Jan-Feb) and closer to home

This is my positive look back
at the year.
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This year was my eighth as a
full-time photographer, writer and
filmmaker. Like every year, when I
look back at my favourite memories,
I am beyond thankful that my
passions are the focal point of my

I will never take these
opportunities for granted.

At the risk of making this story too
long, I've divided the year up into 4
quarters and shared 5 experiences
from each.

Essentially, these are my  20 for '20.
1. New Year Wild Skating
in Banff National Park

2. Annual winter partnership
with @EddieBauer

3. Biking the Carretera Austral
in Patagonia, Chile

4. Escaping Villa O'Higgins,
from Chile to Argentina

5. Photography Assignment
with Tourism Golden, BC
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6. The Great Indoors, during the
early Covid-19 restrictions

7. Portraits during the Covid-19
restrictions in Canmore, AB

8. Bike season arrives
in Canmore, AB

9. Bikepacking overnight trip
in Kananskis Country, AB

10. Official Premiere of
Choosing to Live, a short film.
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11. Comet Neowise Arrives,
Ha Ling Peak in Canmore

12. Photo and Video assignment
with Salsa Cycles

13. Comet Neowise departs,
Banff National Park

14. Night Under the Stars with
Eddie Bauer in Banff, AB

15. Golden Larch Season
in Banff National Park.
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16. First snowfall arrives in
Banff National Park

17. Kickstart another winter
partnership with Eddie Bauer

18. Ski touring season begins
in the Canadian Rockies

19. Wild Skating returns
to Kananaskis Country

20. Quiet holidays at home
with my one and only
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Sometimes, I leave my camera at
home, too, so I don't always have an
image to share.

A few highlights that weren't
pictured here, include:

1. Spending 3 days in NYC,
exploring Manhattan and Queens

2. Attending @jackfusco's wedding
in Pennsylvania, USA

3. More books read and Netflix
watched than ever before

4. A 7 day bikepack trip to
Vancouver Island, BC.
While I know we will all
remember 2020 for the
Covid-19 pandemic and its
incredible toll around the globe,
I hope this story inspires you to
take a moment to reflect on the
positive experiences you've
enjoyed in the past 12 months.

Whether it's a lengthy list of
backyard adventures or a quiet
moment with your family, leave
me a message with a positive
memory you'll cherish as we
turn the calendar to a new year.

Thank you.

Adventure photographer and writer based in the Canadian Rockies

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