I don’t do many road trips, I like to travel on local
buses or trains when visiting a new country (and I
don’t think backpacking i considered a rod trip... or
is it?)

Iceland was different, driving is probably the best
way to discover the country and it is part of the
I have already posted a story
with my favorite pictures from
that trip; here I’ll try to post
something different
Roads in Iceland can be very long
and very straight
There is one main road that goes
around the island, it’s called Road
no. 1 or Ring Road.
Weather can be unpredictable, in
particular in Winter, and a 4 x 4 is
recommended, especially if you
These guys got
Here were the biggest cars I’ve ever seen
Everything is charming in Iceland,
even gas stations
, ,
We drove many hours every day
and a bit in a rush, because in
November there aren’t many
Ring Road Iceland
This was recorded at 11 am
I would have taken pictures at all
times, but you are not allowed to
stop everywhere by the road in
If I’ll ever go back, I hope to do
the full round trip and maybe a
bit of the centre (central roads are
open only in Summer).
Iceland must be beautiful and
interesting in every Season.
Thank you for reading!

❤️ travel, photography and my cats From Vicenza, Italy Ig: @tiakatty

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